A family of businesses

AmcoGiffen, REL & QTS have been enabling electrification projects for years and are now ready to be part of the solution. By working together, ARQ provides a holistic approach to electrification. 

All three of these businesses are all key components of the Renew family, which provide engineering infrastructure of a sustainable future.

We have delivered on many major electrification enhancement programmes throughout CP5 & CP6 across the UK​

ARQ has an ambition to be an integral part of the future of decarbonisation of the UK Railway.​

With our collective skillsets each business brings, we offer extensive value engineering and vast experience – while working together as a unified family of companies self-delivering a wide range of what makes up any rail system, offering opportunities for innovation and cost savings.

What makes us different?
The ARQ Difference

In choosing ARQ, you are choosing to do things differently.

Rail is an efficient way to transport people and goods, but as an industry, we need to do more to ensure our environmental footprint is more positive than negative. 

Electrification is high on the agenda for Network Rail, with over 13,000 Single Track Kilometres (STK’s) identified to help create a net zero carbon railway.

Our Innovation & Design

As a partnership, ARQ bring together a wealth of experience across the rail industry. A key strength of this partnership is built around our commitment to innovation.

We have a proud track record for innovative thinking, delivering efficiencies through different ways of working utilising our own bespoke plant and directly employed workforce.  ​

We provide a refreshing and innovative way of working, ensuring the best possible route is always taken.


Committed to continuing to push the boundaries in innovation & design.

Working together, we have delivered ​a fleet of plant machinery, bespoke to rail… and we have ​the ability and the drive to create more. ​

Designing and building plant to allow high output delivery removes ​ the plant / people interface, increasing productivity and improving safety.​ To support delivery we already own, operate and maintain a fleet of specialised machinery, with many “world firsts”, including:​

  • RRV Trucks with HIAB
  • Mega Chippers
  • Colmar RRV’s
  • Specialist drainage equipment 
  • Mega Crane
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Ensuring regulatory compliance & continual excellence.

You can be assured that ARQ has all of the recognised accreditations and recognition from respected independent organisations.