Ardleigh Green Bridge

OLE removal from bridge structures

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The Project

Ardleigh Green Bridge (AGB) carries four lanes of the A127 Southend Arterial road across four lines of an overhead electrified, commuter railway line. REL was contracted to move and relocate the OLE wiring to allow for the demolition of old structures.

Scope of works

The railway which runs below Ardleigh Green Bridge (108/A) is the London to Norwich Line (ELR -LTN1) between the stations of Harold Wood and Gidea Park.

At this location, LTN1 consists of four lines: the UP & DOWN ‘Mains’ and the UP & DOWN ‘Electrics’. All four are powered by 25kV overhead electrified lines.

The railway OLE above all four lines featured newly installed GEFF wiring system renewed by NWR which was attached to the original bridge structure abutment on the North.

At the inception of this job, REL was contracted to drop all OLE wires relating to the mains lines (both roads) to ground level/the 4ft to allow protection (robust protection by others), and to relocate the OLE over both roads of the electrics to a permanent design location.