E&P award – Wales & Western

ARQ has been awarded the delivery of Network Rail’s Electrification and Plant framework for CP7 across the Wales & Western region, its first major framework award since its inception in 2021.

The electrification and plant framework, including OLE renewals, allows ARQ, which is a partnership comprising sister companies including AmcoGiffen, Rail Electrification Ltd (REL) and QTS Group, to expand on the current scope of services that each business provides throughout the UK to Network Rail.

Vinny O’Holloran, Operations Director for ARQ commented “ARQ looks forward to delivering this framework with Network Rail and our supply chain partners. This will allow us to further invest in our people and capability in delivering Electrification and Plant renewals across the region, creating opportunities within neighbouring communities and bringing a positive impact to the local economy.

“The utilisation of the ARQ partnership brings together our unique skills in self-delivery of the broad scope of E&P rail systems, including LV/HV power and OLE, through creating efficiencies and developing innovation on behalf of Network Rail.”