The Decarbonisation Challenge

Decarbonisation is a huge focus for the rail industry over the next 30 years, as the UK government aims to remove all diesel-only trains by 2041, with a legally binding commitment to net zero by 2050. It has been recognised by the industry that together, we must do more to be part of the solution to climate change.

Network Rail estimates that to decarbonise the UK rail network completely, 13,000 single track kilometres (approximately 450km per year) of track will need to be electrified by 2050 to achieve net zero. However, it has been identified that from 2019-2020 only 251km was electrified.

The ARQ partnership will play its part in meeting the challenges set to industry by Network Rail in response to the UK decarbonisation agenda within the UK rail infrastructure.

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“The ARQ partnership understands that electrification is a significant contributor
in meeting Network Rail’s decarbonisation commitments, and that things have to change to drive efficiency. We want to be part of this change; to help drive it forward.

We already have the skills within each business to do this and the ability to supplement the skills and knowledge gap in the industry. I am excited by our existing large in-house training facility and plans to expand which will enable us to further invest in training and develop sustainable skills for the future.

Vinny O’Holloran

Operations Director, ARQ

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